5 Reasons Why the Jacksonville Jaguars Should Hire Tim Tebow

Normally, it would be outrageous to recommend any team to sign a retired player who has not competed in professional football since 2012. But these are not normal circumstances, and Tim Tebow is not just any retired player.

Although Tebow’s career has been on standstill for nine years, Urban Meyers’ incorporation to the Jacksonville Jaguars could change everything. With the Jaguars’ hiring of his best coach and close friend, the circumstances are ideal for Tebow’s return to the NFL. Here are five reasons why the Jacksonville Jaguars should reunite Tebow and Meyers next season.

1. Tebow’s Baseball Adventure Is Done

After a six year journey in the minor leagues, Tim Tebow’s professional baseball career has finally come to an end. Two weeks ago, the Mets announced that Tebow would be retiring from the sport, to which Tebow responded, “I loved every minute of the journey, but at this time I feel called in other directions.” Which direction could that be exactly, Tebow has not disclosed. However, he is now free and available, and, despite his inactivity, he is still the same fit, natural competitor that conquered college football. What direction could be better than a reunion with Meyers in his local stomping grounds?

2. Tebow Is a Hometown Hero and Jacksonville Icon

The Florida Gators is a state identity, and there is not a single Northern Floridian that has forgotten about Tim Tebow’s achievements at the University of Florida. This is especially true for Jacksonville, which is the closest major city to Gainesville and hosts the annual Florida-Georgia rivalry game. Tebow is a hometown hero, and his presence on the Jaguars’ sidelines could spark a connection that could lead the team to play some of its best football ever.

3. Tebow Can Be an Inspirational Presence

If there is anything that identifies Tim Tebow’s persona, it is his unwavering faith and warrior’s perseverance. After his NFL quarterback dream evaporated, Tebow did not resign in the face of defeat. Instead, he quickly got back on his feet by expanding his ministry the Tim Tebow Foundation, becoming a sports commentator for the SEC Network, and moving on to pursue a career in professional baseball. Tebow’s aura of inspiration could revolutionize the Jaguars’ locker room mentality and push the team toward greatness.

4. The Economic Tebow Effect

Besides the consistent disputes regarding his abilities as a professional football player, there is an incontestable fact: Tim Tebow would bring a significant economic boost to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ annual profits. One need not go further than revising his impact in such a small market like the minor baseball leagues. According to Baseball America, Tim Tebow attracted an average extra 2,500 fans for Sally League teams during road games. That translates to an estimated bonus of $1.6 million in revenue. The Tim Tebow Effect would draw national attention to the Jaguars and boost their profitability by selling merchandise and putting fans in seats, and money always comes in handy to compete for greater things.

5. The Tebow-Meyers Duo Is a Proven Success

Tim Tebow and Urban Meyers conquered two national titles during their time with the Florida Gators, and Tebow has never played better under anyone else. If there is a coach that can bring Tebow back to his A-game, that is his longtime buddy Urban Meyers. Of course, the NFL is different, and the experiment could fail. But can the possible losses be compared to everything that the Jaguars stand to gain if Tebow and Meyers click again? The answer should not only be evident, but it should give you a hint as to why the Jaguars should definitely consider hiring Tebow for a role with the franchise next season, either on the field or on the sidelines.

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