Author: kollin.yelensky

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, normal life for the average person has been put on hold. Jobs have been lost, furloughed, or transitioned online; new health practices are being implemented; and social distancing has become the new standard for daily interactions with others. The economy has been significantly impacted by these necessary changes. While the […]
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly sidelined the 2019-2020 season for many professional sports leagues. Given that large gatherings of people are discouraged, sports fans and officials have been busy speculating how sporting events can mount a return. For fans of basketball, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver may have found an answer. In an effort to salvage […]
During times of crisis, encouraging words can give us the motivation needed to get through each day. As a cancer survivor, Heath Ritenour knows firsthand the healing powers of prayer and positive thinking. It is his hope that these inspiring Bible scriptures will strengthen your resolve during times of uncertainty, support you throughout your struggles, […]